Things to do in Desert Safari Dubai

Dune Bashing

Arrived at Dubai for your first holiday in the Emirates city? You must be really excited to see the tall structures, skyscrapers, opulent hotels and upscale areas that dot the skyline of the city. While the city of Dubai has so much to offer, the desert safari is something you must do if you want to know about the history of the people of this Emirate city. Before they moved to the city, the Arabs lived in the desert and the Bedouin culture is still integrated in their lives to a large extent. Apart from being a cultural experience, the desert safari Dubai offers lot of fun and entertainment activities. If this description has augmented your interest, here is a list of things to do in desert safari Dubai which would make your holiday really exciting.

Top Things to Do in Dubai Desert Safari

Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing
Do you like roller-coaster rides? If yes, you would definitely enjoy dune bashing during desert safari Dubai. Usually the first activity of the desert safari experience, dune bashing happes in a 4×4 off-road vehicle driven by a professional. Fasten your seatbelts and hold your seats tightly while the vehicle runs along the challenging slopes of the desert. Dune bashing is exciting, scary and exhilirating, all at the same time. Even if you are a bit scared, do not miss dune bashing as it is one of the highlights of desert safari. However, children under the age of 5, elderly people, people with heart problems and pregnant women should skip dune bashing.

Camel Riding

camel riding dubai
The camel is an integral part of the desert and no desert safari can be complete without camel riding. However, in a regular evening safari, camel riding does not last for more than a few minutes. But you would surely enjoy how it feels when the camel walks on the uneven sand dunes. If you want to extend this experience little more, you must opt for the exclusive camel riding desert safari.

Quad Biking

Quad Biking Dubai
If you loved dune bashing, you would love quad biking too, and the best part is that here you can drive the vehicle yourself. Quad biking on a desert does not need you to have any driving skills. Just listen to the instructions given by the driver carefully, and you would be maneuvering the vehicle on the desert dunes in no time.

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Sandboarding Dubai
Similar to snowboarding, this happens on sand. Even if you have never indulged in snowboarding, give sandboarding a try. It is surely a fun activity and something that would keep you busy till sunset. In most cases, you may have to make a special request and even pay a little extra for sandboarding and quad biking. Hence, make sure you carry a little extra money with you.

Desert Camp Activities

desert camp activities
After you enjoy the beautiful sunset in the desert, it is time to head inside the desert camp, designed as per Bedouin style. There are several stalls inside the desert camp for your entertainment. Here is what you can expect here:

• A henna artist awaits you at the camp. You can get your hands, arms or legs painted with beautiful, temporary henna designs.
• Do you find the Arabic garb interesting? Men can wear the white Kandura and women can wear the black abaya at the desert camp. Do not forget to click some pictures wearing the traditional clothes of the Arabs.
• You will see the falcon, the national bird of the UAE, at the desert camp. The best part is that you can hold the falcon in your arms and get a picture. The falcon is well-trained so you do not have to worry about the bird pecking you.
• While you wait for the performances to begin, you can choose to smoke a shisha which is flavoured smoke mixed with tobacco and is quite popular with the Arabs, especially in the past.
• You get to enjoy two brilliant dance performances, one by a belly dancer and another by a Tanoura dancer. You would surely enjoy these forms of dancing against the tunes of interesting Arabic music. You must note that these performances are not available during the month of Ramadan.

BBQ Dinner
bbq dinner at dubai desert camp
At the end of the desert safari, a feast awaits you which would surely tingle your taste buds. The BBQ is the highlight of the entire menu. Get ready to devour the juicy chicken drumstick, chicken tikka and kebab served to you. Vegetarian alternatives are also provided at most desert safaris. Other dishes of the dinner menu include hummus, pasta salad, kubbus, biriyani rice, white rice vegetables, lentils, potato wedges, noodles, fresh fruits, etc. There may be slight variations in the menu at different desert camps. If you are a vegetarian or have other dietary requirements, you need to mention this at the time of booking. Special arrangements would be made for you by most desert safari companies.

These are the exciting things to do in desert safari in Dubai. If you are in Dubai and want to take a break from the chaos of the modern city life, the desert safari is the best place to go to. You not only get to have a great time but also relax in the laps of the beautiful yet mysterious desert.

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