We can either pick you up at your hotel or at a predetermined meeting point. If you’ve booked a private, rush desert safari, then we can transfer you directly from the airport to the desert. At the end of the safari, we will drop you right back where we picked you up.

Our pickup time may differ depending on whether it’s a morning, evening or overnight safari. However, the length of the safari is about 7 hours in all. For example, if you’ve booked an evening safari, we will pick you up at about 4.30 P.M. and we will drop you back at around 11 P.M. when you’re done. Our desert safari timings includes various activities such as dune bashing, sunset set view stop, sunset photography, camel riding and camel farm trip, and plenty of in-camp activities and entertainment. We will keep you entertained with belly dancing, henna artists, a cool barbecue dinner, sand boarding and Tanura shows.

Our desert safari does not consist of any hidden costs. Everything is transparent and onboard. Our desert safari package contains the following:

• Pick up in a luxury 4X4 SUV at any point in Dubai or Sharjah at a time decided on earlier, depending on whether you’ve signed up for morning, evening or overnight desert safari.

• Dune Bashing at the desert

• Sunset Photography

• Camel Riding

• Henna Painting of hands and feet

• Smoking the shisha or Hubbllee Bubblee fragrant Arabic pipe smoke

• A treat of Arabic coffee (gahwa) with traditional fresh dates

• Wearing of traditional Bedouin costumes.

• Sand boarding at extra cost

• Complimentary unlimited mineral water, tea, coffee and soft drinks

• Veg and non-veg BBQ and buffet dinner

• Belly dancing and Tanura show

• Magic show upon request only

We have no set limit on the number of people you can bring to a desert safari. We have several luxury cars and we can arrange for more if needed, in case you have several guests. The size of the group will still be only 6 per SUV including the driver, so the quality of your will not be affected by the size of the group.

Yes, our main course is vegetarian as are all the snacks. If you have any particular preference, please let us know beforehand.

We recommend loose, comfortable clothing that allow you to breathe, preferably 100% cotton. The desert sun is very hot and humid and you want clothing that can keep you dry and comfortable. A pair of loose cotton pants and t-shirt would be perfect, for both men and women. Long cotton ethnic tunics and pants are also suitable. Bring a cloth to cover your head and don’t forget to bring tinted sunglasses. We recommend sandals rather than shoes, so that if sand gets into your footwear it’ll be easier to knock it out. Limit your luggage to the bare minimum and avoid wearing too much jewelry. Clothes dry quickly in the desert so limit yourself to no more than a single change of clothing if needed.

The route to the desert is fine but the desert itself will be bumpy and the drive will be a little uncomfortable. You will need to be prepared for that. If you have any special requirement, you need to tell us in advance so we can make the arrangements for you. Also, you don’t need to carry any extra provisions with you. We will provide all the food that’s needed and also unlimited soft drinks, mineral water, tea and coffee. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any additional queries about our desert safari tours.

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